my name is caspar conrick, i’m a filmmaker and photographer, born in melbourne/naarm, australia, living in paris, france.

my work is driven by details; small moments of human connection, nuances in the natural world and the interplay between them. both in film and photography, my interests lie in nurturing scenes and allowing them to unfold organically, by trusting my instincts, and those of my collaborators. i’m meticulous in defining the parameters of a project, understanding the world in which a story is set, and interrogating its inhabitants.

i also write and play music with @vanderlay.

to say hello or to talk about collaborating on your next project, get in touch below.

instagram:  @casparconrick


previous work

wilds’ - solo exhibition - off the kerb gallery, melbourne -  february 2-16, 2023
elements’ - group exhibition - off the kerb gallery, melbourne - april 14-28, 2023
hillvale photo trophy’ - group exhibition / contest - hillvale gallery, melbourne - april 14-may 5, 2023 (winner)